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Economic Data
Are you a researcher, and academic professional? check our data request center to request economic data from over 2billion records on companies, firms and corperate data
Read The Guides
We know how difficult it might be for someone with little experience in economic data, that's why we have put in place several guides that will help you understand out database and how to make your data request

More Data!

Today we added some vital sets of economic data and financial reports to our already existing database. Don't hesitate to check it out.

Anastat Library Launched!

We are pleased to inform you that our library is up. You can now browse through several financial reports right from your dashboard.

Data Request System

Looking for up-to-date company reports and analysis for research and academics, click below to logon to Anastat

Open Portal

Anastat Library

Perhaps you want to just read some of our company reports of various categories and sections, online, visit our library

Open Library
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At A Glance

Anastat is Africa’s Premier Intelligent Information and Data Platform. As a solution to the paucity of consistent data in the continent, Anastat houses thousands of carefully-structured economic, financial, corporate and academic datasets and resources.

Analysts Data Services and Resources (ADSR) has employed a refined methodology in data aggregation that involved several years of painstaking collection, entry, cleaning, storage and management of data and information contained in Anastat.

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